FazWaz v3.0 – An Upgraded Property Search

by FazWaz Property Group
4 years ago

FazWaz Property Group is never finished improving the property search experience. After months of hard work, the team has pulled off another platform rebuild – this time it’s version 3.0, with the official launch happening on our Thailand Property site. New features of this version include:

  • Speed – from the underlying DB and code architectures, to the frontend app delivery; from a redesigned site flow to integrated caching, optimizing every bit along the way, clients will now have a faster property search on FazWaz than any other site in the market.
  • Functionality – the frontend pages, searches and user flow have been rebuilt with the customer in mind, utilizing data to drive design so clients will never be more than a few clicks from their next enquiry.
  • Interactivity – with additional location content on-page, more property data being displayed to users and new financing calculators and Developer parent pages, clients will be better-informed and more confident than ever before.
  • Utility – built-in user history, elastic search and machine learning along with an intricate set of marketing rules mean FazWaz can now recommend hyper-relevant properties to even new clients, in real-time!
  • Scalability – expanding to additional regions easily, and being able to build out custom business workflows on-demand were an integral part of this rebuild – administrators and managers can now affect change directly instead of depending on developers to make changes.

There are many other improvements, including exciting new ones to be introduced over the coming weeks, but to find out what they are you’ll have to start browsing yourself: https://www.fazwaz.com/