Building Up and Out

by FazWaz Property Group
4 years ago

So far 2020 has shown itself to be a period of great change, not just for our team at FazWaz but for Thailand, greater SE Asia and the world at large. From the coronavirus crisis and its resultant fallout across various industries (property investments, air travel & tourism to name a few), to the May 2020 Google algorithm update fully rolling out, to changes and updates we’ve been working on internally, the upheavals so far this year are anything but few and far-between. For now we’d like to focus on some exciting changes in the FazWaz platforms and offerings.

  • FazWaz Advice – Our former Advice Q&A site was a bit out-of-date, so we’ve been putting together all of the most common queries we receive from our clients into an updated, easy-to-use brand new Help section where anyone new to the Thailand property market can get all of their questions answered and increase their confidence in buying real estate in Thailand, safely.
  • List your Property – FazWaz has always allowed our customers to list their own properties, as we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of homes for sale and rent in Thailand and any market we expand into. But our new self-listing page has been redesigned from the ground up to get your property online in minutes flat. Plus we’ve even added a helpful guide to explain how to rank your home higher in our organic search results by adding better property details and images to your listing.
  • Make an Offer (Deal Room) – The FazWaz business model is always evolving and expanding (to the sometimes frenzied chagrin of our development team). But these changes and updates are how we define ourselves as a leader in the marketplace, not just locally but regionally and even globally. As such, our leaders have identified new technologies and workflows like the Make an Offer Deal Room to help our clients find new ways to enquire upon and connect to properties of interest – check it out here.
  • FazWaz Global Expansion – Here at FazWaz, we’re never done growing in all aspects of our business. And that includes where we are offering properties for sale and rent. This month kicks off our greater global expansion efforts, from a previous 8 countries transacting to nearly 20 countries now providing real estate listings on localized CTLDs, with more being added every week. Keep checking back for your chance to find and list properties in your home country!
  • Automated Valuation Models and More to Come – Since our company’s inception in 2015, we’ve been tracking price changes in all of our listed properties, from Developer-recommended sale prices to private resale and rentals suggestions to confirmed sold-at transactions, we know what your property is worth in your local market. But with the advent of AI, our new Make an Offer system, and other new technologies, we are looking to be the final answer in home valuations with the most accurate possible pricing models, even going as far as training AI systems to “look at” your uploaded pictures and determine furnishings qualities, among other tricks of the trade. Stick with FazWaz and you know you’ll be getting the best possible deal, as either a buyer or a seller.

This is just a taste of what we’ve been building in 2020, and with more than half the year remaining you can count on some exciting new updates to come from FazWaz, your home for real estate.