Thailand Real Estate Unleashed

by FazWaz Property Group
3 years ago

FazWaz Group are proud to share some exciting new updates we’ve been working on. Despite some trying times, our team has been hard at work building out the future of proptech in Asia. We strongly believe in the power of data, and strive to provide that data meaningfully to our users, in an attempt to unleash markets through increased transparency. We’re constantly finding new ways to utilize our data as well as novel ways to use those insights to improve our processes.

  • Automated Valuation Model – FazWaz team have combined highly organized datasets with customized machine learning models, and we now offer price estimates across Thai markets accurate to within 5% of the sales price. Owners can list a property for sale or rent and see if their expectations are in line with how the market is performing. Suggestions are offered about a more optimal price, and what factors go into that decision.
  • Scheduled Viewings – Some clients come to browse, others are ready to purchase or move in right away. The standard enquiry form is fine for those just getting started on their property search. But for our clients who know what they want, they are now able to schedule a viewing directly on-site for a time and date of their choosing, as well as for a variety of properties selected. Together with our on-site Make an Offer functionality, buyers and renters now have easier access to properties in the market than ever before.
  • FazWaz Insights – We’ve been gathering, organizing and normalizing our data since we started. Using the AVM as a jumping-off point, we took that data, and found a way to present it in a clear, easy-to-understand app interface. Users can get real-time updates on market interest, demand, inventory, transactions and project offerings, broken down by different regions, property types, and more. Watch the Insights App Launch below, or get started at one of the links below. And stay tuned for much more from FazWaz Group!